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Historical AFSESF (Air Force Special Emergency Service Flight) Photo

Historical AFSESF (Air Force Special Emergency Service Flight) Photo
Operators involved in "Operation Eagle" SP Academy AFSESF


Dedicated to the men and women of the USAF Security Forces/Security Police who were active members of the Emergency Service Teams; to those who were EST Field Supervisors and helped trained numerous teams that supported high risk operations on and off Air Force installations and in support of other agencies.
To that small group of instructors who put us through the paces and gave us the confidence to train other teams... "We Salute You!"

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Donate to the USAF Security Forces Museum

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Lackland AFB Emergency Service Team - The Final Option

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The Defender Project ------ Click on The Defender Project! ----Air Police, Security Police, Security Forces----- -------------From working Customs for the Marines going into Okinawa to running dismounted patrols outside Bagram to parachuting into Iraq, SF members have seen, experienced, enjoyed or endured many different experiences, hardships and dangers in the performance of their duties. Defenders have guarded the B-29s that dropped Little Boy and Fat Man, patrolled Kimpo Air Base in the bitter cold, hunted VC outside Pleiku, escorted convoys throughout Afghanistan and Iraq, and of course performed law enforcement missions in every corner of the world. -----------It’s time to tell some of those stories.

Keflavik Emergency Service Team - Thanks to SFGONEPOSTAL for posting on You Tube.

24th SPS Emergency Service Team AFRTS Broadcast Howard AFB, Panama

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Remembering One Of Our Own - Security Forces Erik Hite -Rest In Peace, Brother.

Friday, December 19, 2008

To Honor One Of Our Own - In Memorial

My Fellow Operators... it is never good news to hear about the loss of one of our "own"... This past November, we lost a former EST Operator, "Ernest Eugene (Ernie) Garner... Our sincere condolences to his family and former team mates.
Our thanks to Al Melendez "Nighthawk", for bringing Garner's passing to our attention. In Al's words:
"Ernie Garner, I believe he went through the EST course in the early mid 80's. When I was on the team at Clark I seem to remember an Ernie Garner rotating in who had just finished the EST course and he became our "guide". Memory is a little fuzzy but our Ernie was a big man from Tenn that was soft spoken and liked to smoke Pall Mall Red's. Always quick with a laugh or a smile, he was a buck or a staff when he came to us." I received word from a fellow member of the "Cops of Clark Air Base" group. ... please take a moment of reflection for a fellow SP.
Here is his official Obit...
GARNER, Ernest Eugene (Ernie), age 45. former Coffee County resident, died Sunday, November 16, 2008 at Hillside Hospital in Pulaski, TN.
Mr. Garner was born in Franklin County and attended school there and in Coffee County, graduating from Central High School in Manchester in 1981. He was retired from the United States Air Force, Captain of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Dept. serving as the Executive Officer. He was also Pastor of Prospect United Methodist Church in Prospect, TN. He was a member of the Fraternal Order of Police.
He was preceded in death by his parents, L.J. Garner, Jr. and Linda Hastings, and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Hastings. He is survived by 2 daughters, Linda Betz and husband Ches of Knoxville, and Jennifer Howell and husband, Jonathon of Lawrenceburg, TN; two grandchildren, Tana and Connor of Lawrenceburg; one step-daughter, Kate Haffnerof Martin, TN; two brothers, Lindsey Garner and wife, Suzanne of Grenada, MS; the grandmother of his daughters, Lelia Sagarang of Lawrenceburg; one aunt, Gail Fraley of Smyrna, TN; one uncle, Ronald Hastings of Erin, TN; and a host of friends and extended family. The family requests memorials are made to the Ernie Garner Memorial Fund at Farmer’s Merchants Bank in Lawrenceburg, TN.

Last Call Out For Emergency Service Team
Operator Ernest E. "Ernie" Garner,
1963-2008 Rest in Peace,
He may be gone, but will never be forgotten!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dirty Steve Attends the Security Police Association Annual Meeting in New Mexico

Dirty Steve pays tribute to Albuquerque Veterans, HAND SALUTE!
Dirty Steve ready to ride shotgun with the Air National Guard NM
El Jefe trying to sneak up on Dirty Steve... c'mon Jefe, he knows you're there!!! 
El Jefe formally meets "Dirty Steve", Mikey looks on.

Dirty Steve attending the morning briefing at the SPA Annual meeting  in Albuquerque, New Mexico while displaying his pride and SP shield!  Huuaa!               
      Dirty Steve loses a coin challenge!  
 Dirty Steve salutes his operator buddies at the Albuquerque Veteran's Memorial.... Huaa!   Dirty Steve proudly wearing his EST T-shirt, check out the detail of the EST patch.  Go Steve Go!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Dirty Steve"... On a mission...!

"Dirty Steve" on the road to Albuquerque for the Annual Security Police Association Meeting.
That's right, I understand the slick operator will be in Albuquerque this week for the Annual SPA meeting. Several other members of this blog site will be there to provide some Close-in support to Dirty Steve. We hope to post some cool pics of the "world traveler" right here on this blogsite, very soon.

Stay tuned.
el jefe

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Historical Photos AFSESF- Courtesy of Chief Lee Sexton (Ret)

Special thanks to Chief Sexton (Ret), standing far right in the photo, who sent us some historical photos, include is the listing of Team Operators who were involved with the AFSESF at the SP Academy, circa 1978-1979.  Chief Sexton is  responsible for developing the T.N.T. and E.S.T. course curriculum and ESBI D-11, that was taught at the SP Academy from 1978-1992.  The AFSESF received advanced training from various sources including "Delta" on explosive entry and the use of stun grenades.  As you may know, the EST patch you see on this site is dedicated to this instructor cadre for their "first Operational" mission called "Operation Eagle", the responsibility of securing the Shah of Iran while he was seeking refuge and medical care in the United States after the Iranian Hostage Crisis.  The mission ended with their escort mission to Panama, where the Shah of Iran was granted refuge.  Personally to me, this photo symbolizes the committment to the Concept of Operations for Emergency Service Teams.  Currently, the Air Force doesn't have a "school house" for EST, as most USAF installations who do support having teams, rely on the US Army SRT School or locally developed training.

Below, a young Lee Sexton, going through some training. Thanks Chief for sharing.
El Jefe

Monday, January 21, 2008

New Rules...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Langley AFB Security Police Reunion

This is the reunion we had over the summer, I am in that group standing Guardmount with my former mates... including four who are former Operators with the Langley EST. I have to say it was well worth the long drive to get there. Lucky for me I had a good friend in the nearby area give me shelter before and after the drive there. Thanks again Master Jedi Ed(waldo) for the support. I thought I'd take the time to post this, because I want to thank the Eagle Chapter of the Security Police Association out of D.C. and Virginia for putting the photos and article together and publishing it in their Eagle Chapter Newsletter. OOOORAH!
1* el jefe
You can click on the photo to enlarge it.