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Historical AFSESF (Air Force Special Emergency Service Flight) Photo

Historical AFSESF (Air Force Special Emergency Service Flight) Photo
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Friday, August 17, 2007

Howard AFB, Panama, 24th Security Forces Squadron Official Photo...

Found this with some old paper work... actually someone from Panama sent it to me...saying they found it in a desk drawer with some of my old paperwork??? There are some "Operators" in this picture... Can you name them?? Is that LIMA 1?? Eddie??? Click on the picture to see it enlarged. What kind of a "spider crawl" is that??? What's up with the band??? Someone give me some feedback quick!!! El Jefe


j mark said...

Yep, thats Eddie, and I think Gilbert is there too, but I will have to look closer.

That was the famous "Get Col. Coleman Promoted" security police band. We out played the army band when the dignitaries came in.

The only thing missing from this photo is the 24th SPS mounted patrol. Let me see if I can get some pictures to send you.

j mark said...

Okay, I looked closer. Gen. Coleman is front and center (I guess the band did its job.) The round-faced Captain in front of the blazer on the left is Capt Brown (I think). I don't remeber the name of the to the left of him standing ramrod straight in front of the balzer, but he was a straight shooter. On the extreme right, in the boonie hat is, someone help me, Tsgt Holsenbach(?). He ran the special jungle patrol team. I don't remember when the photo was taken but seem to recall that the Col wanted someone rapelling from the building but there was a problem with the clay tiles. I have no recolletion of being the one performing the modified "spider crawl" or of standing on the clay tiles, or of even being present and therefore lack sufficient information to either admit or deny any allegation that I performed or was responsible for anyone performing such a "spider crawl." In fact, I beleive Sgt Castro was in chrage of the team at that time and we can all see where he is!!!! Hoorah!

j mark said...

As for the pin-up girl, you should put up the AC-130 gal Bennett sent around last week.

palmetto69 said...

I remember this pic, but I worked 3rd shift, so I was crashed. Names fail me, but the EST guy third from left was named Kelly. The K9 (for right) was Dale Giddens. Cobra Team member in front of the armored veh on the right was SSGT Raymond. I can't make out much more. I was there 89-90.