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Saturday, July 28, 2007

More E.S.T. Pics From Panama !!

Great Training Moments...

Thanks to Bob Mussyal (pictured above) for posting these great black & white photos from "good training" times at Howard AFB, Republic of Panama, with our E.S.T. - Thanks Bob!

El Jefe looking at how a chopper is set up inside for rappel anchors... damn I actually remember doing this... The Army MPs that showed us were a great bunch of operators (SRT). The Chopper pilots were cool and did us right with all the hovering they did for the entire day.

At Fort Clayton....what a blast that was!How many can you name in this picture... There's a Drigg...there's a Mike... a Brit, a John and who else??? Post your answer on the blog!
Here's Bob at Sniper School!!!! Orrah!!!!!!!

THIS WAS A SPECIAL TIME ...for many of us while we were at Howard AFB... what a great picture...Thanks again Bob!



j mark said...

Those are some killer pics. I don't think I can name any more than you. Can't tell from the back of the head.

Roberto Bonefont, Sr. said...

Jimbo... I'm pretty sure the "back of the head" is John Eves... I will confirm with Mike and Ed.

el jefe

Ron Chase said...

The few I remeber in the bottom picture--
Front row - Castro, Chase, Dempsey

Middle - Elizer Rivera

Back - El Jefe, Aldridge, Shabala, Tsung, Naruki, Eves

Roberto Bonefont, Sr. said...

Chase !!!! Is that you, email me: you should join our EST Yahoo Group. Many of our EST buddies are there. There is a link on this blogsite to join the Yahoo Group. Talk soon.